Your accent is UNIQUE!

Your accent is UNIQUE!

  • By Ruta

We have noticed that some of our Medics often criticize their accents or say that they want to learn ‘’the perfect accent’’.  So we thought we would make one thing clear – there is no one perfect accent!

All of our accents are unique and beautiful in their own way. The most important aspect of learning to speak a different language is learning to speak in a way that would make communication in that language possible. We speak to be understood.

Many might think that the definition of an accent is only concerned with the pronunciation of words. However, it is not only that. Accent also involves the rhythm of words, the flow of sentences and the tone used to convey the message. All these aspects are specific for each person and are what makes each individual’s speech unique. Your accent is also a part of your identity.

So our advice to you: do not worry about your accent – the IELTS Speaking Examiner won’t be – plus we love it and you should too!



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